Preface to Volume 25/26 B

The present volume contains critical commentaries of the works which arc published in volumes 25 and 26 of Series A, as well as an appendix with six separate fragments. Thus this complex of Schönberg’s orchestrations in the present edition is, perhaps only temporarily, completed. In view of the fact that some works of this kind are missing – orchestrations of some Beethoven and Schubert Lieder, probably also those of Brahms and Wolf, as well as pieces by Heinrich Schenker (see Einleitung) – it is still possible that, should any of these orchestrations reappear, it may be necessary to return and add to this complex.

As the contents of this volume present a few unusual features in performance, it is recommended that particular attention should be given to the Appendix to the present edition which has been added to the ‘Editionsprinzipien’ (editorial principles).

This volume has a history of its own. Work began on the volume almost two decades ago, at a time when many sources were unavailable and, apart from that, there had been little experience of the peculiarities of the publication of Schönberg’s works. The work was interrupted after the publication of volume A 26 (1972), for many reasons, both internal and external, with the result that, after so many years, it has only just been completed.

As the volume now stands it is the result of team work. The introduction ,Zur Werkgeschichte‘ was compiled by Rudolf Stephan, the other sections by Tadeusz Okuljar, for which use has been made of the work prepared by R. Stephan at an earlier stage.

The publishers are indebted to many individuals and institutions for the manifold support of their work: Hofrat Dr. Günter Brosche, Director of the Music Collection of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Dr. Elena Hift and Marion von Hartlieb from Universal Edition A. G. (Vienna), and Jerry McBride, archivist of the Arnold Schonberg Institute in Los Angeles. Without the assistance of Richard Hoffmann, the work would not have commenced and without the assistance of Frau Regina Busch (Vienna) the work would never have been completed. We would like to thank all those who have helped us.

Berlin, November 1987
Rudolf Stephan
Tadeusz Okuljar