Preface to Volume 5 B

The fifth volume of Series B contains the Critical Commentary for the pieces published in the fifth volume of Series A. In addition, source material of various kinds is provided. Of particular importance are the numerous sketches for Op. 40 and the sketches for the Organ Sonata. Also included are the fragmentary arrangement for two pianos of the Organ Variations and the table of motifs – made out at a later date – for Op. 40. A piece and a fragment, both for piano duet, are published for the first time in the appendix; three documents in which Schoenberg commented on the problems of the Organ and of reductions for piano appear at the front of the book.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who have assisted me in so many ways. The description of the sources in the Estate Archives, Los Angeles, was provided by Mr. Richard Hoffmann (Oberlin); Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stephan (Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Reinhold Brinkmann (Marburg) were of great help with their advice and suggestions, especially in the preparation of the edition of sketches. I am particularly grateful to Mr. Tadeusz Okuljar for the unflagging interest which he has shown in this volume throughout its various stages of preparation and for his willingness at all times to discuss individual problems and to help clarify them.

Berlin, November 1971
Christian Martin Schmidt