Preface to Volume 7, 2 B

The second part of Volume seven, Series B, completes the critical edition (the first of these to appear in print) of the opera “Von heute auf morgen”. It was perhaps somewhat impractical to begin with – from the editor’s point of view – Schoenberg’s most difficult work, and thus to impose upon the collaborators an almost endless task and to demand a great deal of patience from the subscribers to the Edition. Moreover, the editorial work could only rely on photocopies of the source material, rendering a definitive decision impossible in several cases.

As is the case with the complete edition of this opera, the last part is a combined effort. Gösta Neuwirth was responsible for Section I and Sections IV–VI, Tadeusz Okuljar for Sections II and III; both wrote the respective sections. It was also possible to make occasional use of Dr. Werner Bittinger’s (Rüsselsheim) and Mr. Richard Hoffmann’s (Oberlin, temporarily in Berlin) preliminary work. The editors express their gratitude to them both. For their helpful advice and assistance, the editors are indebted – in addition to Mr. Hoffmann – to Prof. Josef Rufer (Berlin), Mr. Lawrence Schoenberg (Los Angeles) and to Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stephan and Dr. Christian M. Schmidt (both Berlin) – who also urged for the final completion of the manuscript – and take this opportunity of thanking them all formally.

Berlin, February 1974
Gösta Neuwirth, Tadeusz Okuljar
(Translated by J. Brettingham Smith)