Preface to Volume 18, 1 B

The present volume contains Part 1 of the Kritischer Bericht for the works edited in Volume 18 A. For reasons of space, the Kritischer Bericht for the remaining works, Opp. 27, 28 and 35, will appear in a separate volume (Vol. 18 B, Part 2). Fragments of choral works and canonic sketches will finally be published as a third part of the same volume (Vol. 18 B, Part 3).

Since the appearance of Volume 18 A, new sources have come to light for several of the works edited in that volume. Among the choral works particularly affected is Friede auf Erden, Op. 13, where our new understanding of the sources means that certain revisions have been unavoidable (although these revisions are limited, in the main, to details of expression marks). The notes included in the Textkritische Anmerkungen (Critical Commentary) to the whole volume relate to the revised text. The reader is, therefore, referred specifically to the list of errata and revisions at the end of this volume (p. 152 f.). Detailed documentations have been added relating to the genesis of two of the works contained in the present volume, Friede auf Erden, Op. 13, and Drei Volkslieder (Three Folksongs). This appeared necessary on account of the unusually complicated state of the source materials relating to Op. 13. In relation to the chapter Kanons und kontrapunktische Sätze see p. XIX ff. in Vol. 18 B 3 and, similarly, to the Zwei Kanons nach Goethe the details mentioned on p. 84 ff. of the same volume.

Although both editors worked together closely in preparing the present volume, their individual responsibilities were divided as follows: Quellenbeschreibung (Description of the Source Material) and Textkritische Anmerkungen (Critical Commentary), the transcription of the sketches and the general editing – Tadeusz Okuljar; Werkgeschichte/Dokumente (History of the Works/Documentation), Quellenbeschreibung (Description of the Source Material), Textkritische Anmerkungen (Critical Commentary), Filiation/Quellenbewertung (Filiation/Evaluation of the Source Material), Zum Text (Concerning the Text), Zum Anlaß (Background to the Different Works), and Skizzen (Sketches) – Martina Sichardt.

We are grateful to Professor Dr Rudolf Stephan for making important source material available to us and for allowing us the benefit of his expert advice. Particular thanks are also due to our two colleagues at the Schönberg-Forschungsstelle in Berlin, to Nikos Kokkinis, whose generously offered expertise was of assistance to us throughout our task, and to Dorothee Schubel, whose assistance in checking out individual problems along the way enhanced the volume and whose reading of the final text helped to eliminate unseen errors. We are additionally grateful to Halina Rodzinski (New York) who made available a copy and the description of Canon XXX, to the members of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute in Los Angeles, in particular to R. Wayne Shoaf, who patiently answered our numerous queries, and to Wayne D. Shirley of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., whose unfailing courtesy and help we are pleased to acknowledge here.

Berlin, December 1990
Tadeusz Okuljar, Martina Sichardt