Preface to Volume 11, 1 B

This edition of the early versions of the two Chamber Symphonies is based, for the Chamber Symphony Op. 9, on the first edition (U. E. Vienna 1912) and, for the Second Chamber Symphony, on the autograph of the early version (cf. the Description of Sources in Series B, volume 11, part 2).

The main purpose of this edition was not to provide a critical revision but to reproduce the sources with as little alteration as possible. In principle, therefore, nothing has been added or omitted – apart from the addition of bar numbers in Op. 9 and their completion in the Second Chamber Symphony. As far as technical terms are concerned, the only alterations have been the standardisation of the designation of instruments in accordance with the practice of the Complete Edition, and the clarification of the occasional abbreviation “Bog.” for “Bogen” in Op. 9. All obvious mistakes, such as, for example, the wrong placing of accidentals at the beginning of staves and the like, have been corrected; full details are provided by the Critical Report in Series B, volume 11, part 2. The printing type and the placing of performance directions have been systematised. The two horn parts in Op. 9, which appear together on one stave in the first edition, have been printed on separate staves in this edition.

(Translated by A. C. Howie)