Preface to Volume 11, 2 B

The remarkable history of the two Chamber Symphonies can be documented even more fully in this volume than it was in the separate music volumes which contain versions of the works (Series A, Volume 11; Series B, Volume 11, Part 1). Moreover, the changes which the two works underwent were carried out in completely different stages of the compositional process. Whereas alterations were made to the Second Chamber Symphony while it was being written, there were no alterations in the Chamber Symphony Op. 9 until after its completion.

The radical changes which Op. 9 underwent in its process of development from the autograph and first print (cf. Series B, Volume 11, Part 1) through the revised edition to the Philharmonia score are set forth here. The early orchestral version and the fragmentary arrangement for piano quintet are also dealt with. If one takes into consideration the piano score which appeared in Volume 5 of Series A and the late arrangement for large orchestra Op. 9B, to be published in Volume 12 of Series A, all the material connected with this work is now available in print.

The individual phases in the compositional process of the Second Chamber Symphony are of particular interest: the first period of composition 1906/1908, the most important outcome of which was the fragmentary fair copy of 1907/1908 (cf. Series B, Volume 11, Part 1), the 1911 and 1916 periods, and, finally, the late 1939 period which led to the completion of the first two movements as Op. 38. The source material of all periods is presented in its entirety here, and the extensive sketches and manuscripts relating to the fragment of the 3rd movement have also been made available. With the publication of the version for two pianos Op. 38B in Volume 5 of Series A, the whole group of versions of the Second Chamber Symphony is concluded.