Preface to Volume 12 B

The present volume contains the critical commentary on the compositions published in Volume 12 of Series A, with particular reference to the changes made in Opus 16 from the autograph, through the first edition (1912), to the revised edition (1922). It also contains the publication of all known sketches for Opus 16. With the arrangement of the Chamber Symphony for full orchestra, op. 9B and with the earlier arrangement for orchestra, which will be appearing in Volume 13 of Series A, the Complete Edition concludes the group of versions of the Chamber Symphony, op. 9.

The editor would like to thank Mr. O. W. Neighbour (London) and Mr. J. Thym (Rochester/N. Y.) for the detailed description of some manuscripts. Special thanks are due to Mrs. E. Hinrichsen (C. F. Peters Corporation, New York) for making available the autograph of Opus 16 in the possession of Peters.

Berlin, January 1983
Nikos Kokkinis