Preface to Volume 14, 1 B

The volume at hand contains the critical commentary of the compositions presented by the editors in Volume 14, 1 of Series A, namely Five Orchestra Pieces, Opus 16, for reduced orchestra, Begleitungsmusik zu einer Lichtspielszene, Opus 34, and Theme and Variations, Opus 43 B.

Furthermore, it contains the edition of all sketches as well as the fragment of the continuity draft of the Lichtspielszene with commentary. Especially interesting in this regard are Schönbergs drafts for arriving at a row that has the property of combinatoriality. Since Opus 43 B is an arrangement for symphony orchestra of an original composition bearing the same name for wind ensemble, Opus 43 A, the sketches and drafts for this work will be published in Volume 13 of Series B. There are no extant sketches pertaining only to the version for symphony orchestra.

The editors received a great amount of help during their source studies and preparation of the edition; this help deserves to be acknowledged here in gratitude: The late Clara Steuermann, archivist of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute in Los Angeles, Felix Greissle (Manhasset, N. Y.), composer and son-in-law of Schönberg, who passed away a few weeks later in the spring of 1982, and Mrs. E. Hinrichsen (New York, N. Y.) need special mention in this context. In addition, the editors are indebted to the following individuals: Loren Anderson (Los Angeles), Karen Hindenlang (Aurora, N. Y.), Jerry McBride (Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Los Angeles), Florian Noetzel (Heinrichshofens Verlag, Wilhelmshaven), Rhonda Olson (Rochester, N. Y.) as well as the staff of the Schönberg-Forschungsstelle in Berlin. In this context it also needs to be mentioned that in the spring of 1979 the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) – with the support of the Mellon Foundation – granted to one of the editors a leave-of-absence that, among other things, benefited the work at hand.

Berlin and Rochester, August 1985
Nikos Kokkinis and Jürgen Thym